CV LUX Magazine 2015

Lux Pups Week: Pucci Puppies

Famous four legged friends are the best! They create amazing company on nights out, they know how to work a red carpet and they will always make a crowd smile. Toby and Pucci was born out of a Beverly Hills duo making heads turn everywhere they go. Always on the run as swanky social-lites they make a statement at every event. Pucci Puppies is a pet boutique inspired by the adventures of Toby The Pomsky and Iwona Burnat.

Give your pup a real fashion sense and explore some of their collection!

From dresses, to pawjamas -- to formal wear and jump suits! Pucci Puppies will give your fur baby an elegant and funky wardrobe for walking around town to shop or just strolling down the block!

As seen on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills... follow the many escapades of Toby and Iwona (Miss Poochu) at The Oscars, The Golden Globes and incredible charity events all over Hollywood! Explore their collection of photos and make your fur baby a Pucci Puppy!

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